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Welcome to the 9x25 Dillon information site. I started this site because of my love for the 9x25 and I realized there wasn't a lot of information out there. My goal is to compile as much information about the 9x25 Dillon in one place as I can. I also wanted to keep an updated list of load data, past and present in one location. If you are new to the 9x25, check out the Getting Started link, on the left hand side of the page. Enjoy! Thank you for stopping in and if you have any questions or additions that you would like to see, please use the Contact Me link


9x25 DILLON is a wildcat pistol cartridge developed by employees at Dillon Precision, specifically Eric Harvey and Randy Shelly around 1987-1988. It was designed to be used in USPSA / IPSC open gun competition. The cartridge is made by necking down a 10mm auto case to 9mm. Harvey and Shelly's goal was to get as much slow-burning powder in the case as possible. There are two reasons to use lots of slow-burning powder in a compensated race gun. First, it drives a 9mm bullet to the velocity needed to qualify for the IPSC major power factor. Secondly, it gets the compensator to work as efficiently as possible. They achieved their goal, as the short-necked and steep-shouldered cartridge holds twice the powder of a .38 Super Auto case.