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90gr HP-XTP Hornady CCI 35012.2gr LongShot1.262050 fps
100gr FMJTC FiocchiFed 21516.2gr AA #91.2521780 fps
100gr FMJTC FiocchiFed 21516.5gr AA #91.2521860 fps
108gr JSPOG ZeroFed 21514.9gr AA #91.2681666 fps
115gr FMJ WinchesterFed 21514.3gr AA #91.2681556 fps
115gr FMJ WinchesterFed 21515.1gr VV N1101.2681547 fps
115gr FMJhp WinchesterFed 21515.1gr VV N1101.2681547 fps
124gr FMJfp HornadyFed 21514.2gr VV N1101.2681443 fps
124gr FMJfp HornadyFed 21512.2gr AA #91.2681443 fps
130gr FMJ HornadyFed 21513.3gr VV N1101.2681369 fps
130gr FMJ HornadyFed 21511.9gr AA #91.2681376 fps